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Sir Allen Schezar Information

Allen Crusade Schezar VIII

Date of Birth: Blue, 3rd Moon (November 3)

Age: 21 years old

Height- 185 cm (6 ft)

Weight- 71 kg. (150 pounds)

Occupation: Heavenly Knight of Asturia, Caeli Knight, pilot of the Guymelef Scherazade, and Commander of the Crusade ship and crew.


Leon Schezar: his father who set off to find the secret of Atlantis and died.

Encia: Allen's mother who loved flowers and was very pretty. But she died in grief b/c Celena disappeared.

Celena: his younger sister who mysteriously disappeared when he was 11 years old. She's Dilandau!

Natal: his faithful owl (note: Natal means Christmas in Portuguese)

Prince Chid of Freid: Yes Folks, Prince Chid is Allen's son and Prince Chid doesn't know.

Marlene: Not a member of the family, but as Allen's first love. They had an illegimate child (Prince Chid) together, but she died.

Debut: Episode 3 (the Gallant Swordsman)

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Voice: Miki Shinichiro

Allen: Allen is a highly skilled Knight, and a true believer in Chivalry. His teacher was Balgus, one of the Three Swordsmen of Gaea (who was also Van's teacher). He does not misuse his talent and abilities during/for fighting. He thinks before he starts a fight, unlike Van. And Allen does not get angry quickly, but once you got him mad... you might as well be dead.

Allen has a very kind personality and dashing looks that can kill. He's certainly a lady's man. In the series, Allen has many women lusting after him - Millerna, Hitomi, Marlene (used to), and me definitely (hehehe). In other words, he is a playboy. Which kinda makes Allen, Allen. But deep within the handsome angelic outer surface of Allen, lies a sad, melancholic, mysterious history... Allen's past is extremely sorrowful. His dad left to find the secret of Atlantis (and never returned), he lost his little sister (Celena, who disappeared/was kidnapped 9 years ago), and his mother died in grief. It's way more sadder than you think, you must watch the series to understand him.

Astrological Information (taken from An Extension of Gaea):

Scorpio- Allen falls under the sign of Scorpio. This is an excellent choice for him, as Scorpios tend to be particularly complex individuals. The phoenix cycle of death and rebirth that is characteristic of Scorpios turns out to be extremely true of Allen, as well...

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