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Allen's Fanfic Journal

E-mail me at if you have any new ideas, requests, etc! I don't have big vocabs, but oh well.... please enjoy.

Journal- (4/25/99)

This is the first time I've ever wrote in a journal, or shall I say a "diary" of myself. My father's logbook influenced me into doing this. Some people say that it helps me relieve stress if I wrote poems and expressing my feelings by writing things down. I guess I will give it a try. Anyway, it's been about three years since the departure of Hitomi. I miss her very much, I can't seem it get that smile, her eyes, and her kindness toward me. Yes I do know that we were controlled by some Fate Altercation machine, and made us fell in love with eachother.... but.. I really did loved Hitomi. Back then, she was like a sister to me. But after she left, I realized that she was more than a sister. I feel very lonely without her, even though Celena is back and safe. Celena hasn't fully recovered from the Fate Altercation, she is in a hospital right now with psychologists and doctors that are slowly 'healing' her. Celena doesn't talk much at all, she would say a few words now and then. When Celena is not in the hospital being treated, she's either with me or Princess Millerna. Since I am a Knight Caeli and a good friend of the Princess, Celena and I are allowed to visit the palace any time we want. But I'm often busy with the military and helping my Crusade crew rebuild Fort Costello. A few times a month, we would visit King Van in Fanelia. The city is looking better than ever! Van is certainly a great King, he is not quick-tempered or irrational anymore. He is loving and respectful ruler of Fanelia. We are now the best of friends after the duel during the Great War...... it's getting late, I have to make sure that Celena is in bed. Until next time.

Allen Schezar