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Allen Schezar Image Galleria

In order to quicken the loading time, I made thumbnails instead. Please enjoy them, but make sure to ask me if you want to use them on your site. Many thanks! Prepare to drool!

Allen Allen Eyes Allen and Scherazade Allen-San! Allen, Escaflowne, Hitomi, and Van under Stars ALLENS SO FINE!! Twig Allen oh Allen Allen, Hitomi and Millerna Allen looking like a girl First time you see Allen Allen with Hitomi again Allen looking proud in the middle Angelic Allen! Allen Looking Evil Allen carrying Hitomi Allen in the Crusade Allen in Fried looking at Prince Chid (MY FAVORITE PIC!!!!) Colors of the Wind... Allen with puppy eyes (about to kiss Hitomi)! Youthful Allen Allen grins Oo La La! C'est Amour! Awww.. he's such a bishounen! Ooo I love his hair!