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Links to other Escaflowne Sites

Allen Schezar Sites

Allen Schezar Fanpage

The Holy Temple of Allen Schezar ^_^

Escaflowne Websites

An Extension of Gaea ^-^

Planet Gaea: An Unofficial Website

Escaflowne: Leavtakings - A Fanfic Continuation

Escaflowne Masterpiece

The Alseides Project

Jeremy's Dragon Ball and Escaflowne Site

Phil Vogel's Escaflowne Page

McEscaflowne (Cool Website!)

Moon Prince's Tenkuu no-Vision of Escaflowne Page

Parody no Escaflowne

Rence and Frankie's Anime Shrine

The Sacred Shrine of Merle!

Tarot and the Eye of Escaflowne

The Vision of Escaflowne

The Vision of Escaflowne (another one)

Escaflowne Shangri-la (not yet working)

Escaflowne Episode Synopses (spoilers!)

Matt's Escaflowne Page

Memories of Hitomi Kanzaki

The Folken Sanctum

Eric's Escaflowne Music Page

Mailing Lists

Escaflowe Mailing List

Commercial Sites

Anime Castle The best place to buy Escaflowne Son May (SM) CDs for CHEAP!

Anime Village AnimeVillage sells subtitled Escaflowne VHS... great prices! (Get the whole entire series for only 150.. that's cheap compare to 240)

Right Stuf Some Escaflowne items here

AnimeNation is the biggest online Anime store, and they sell many Escaflowne merchanise too! Some stuff are out of stock, so you have to e-mail them before you order (like the Memory of Gaea Artbook).

A NICE new anime online store, with the Escaflowne Roman Album for only 20 or so dollars.

UCI Anime Large site with many, I do mean MANY, Escaflowne novelties, Laserdiscs, and Escaflowne Victor CDs!

The Place This link links to the Escaflowne merchanise page of The Place Anime store. They sell film books and manga for cheap, and it's a great store! Check it out.

Ebay is the PREMIERE Site to bid on millions of items, including Escaflowne!

For more Great Links go to:

Escaflowne Links of AniPike


WEISS KREUZ! This is SUCH an awesome anime series featuring seiyuus of Hotohori from Fushigi Yuugi, Allen, and VAN! CHECK IT OUT, NOW!!! ^O^

Links to other Sexy Long-Haired Anime Guys!

Sephiroth no oukoku <---SEPHIROTH-SAMA!! He's so AWESOME! I think Allen and Sephiroth are twins! Sephiroth is on the same level as Allen, b/c Sephiroth is so badass! Sephiroth is from Final Fantasy VII, my favorite video game by far.

<--- Vincent Valentine is another bishounen from Final Fantasy 7. He's dark and mysterious, like Sephiroth-sama, and he's so COOL! He's great at shooting and his left arm is a nice physical feature! I feel like he's underestimated.

<--- Rurouni Kenshin! He's so KAWAII! And he kicks ass! Literally. ^_-

<--- A cutie pie from Mahou-tsukai Tai! He's an Honor student and he attracts a lot of girls, like me. :)
"More than Just Friends" ... a sweet Aburatsubo fanfic!

Miscellanous Cool Websites:

(Role Playing Gamer) like Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy Links! (Great links page with links to Sephiroth, some Vincent, and a lot of General FF7 sites)

A friend's anime website, check it out! Very very cool!

Anime Interchange Anime Interchange
Anime Interchange Banner Network

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