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Sound Wavs

Note: All of these wavs are zipped

Folken saying Allen Schezar (dum)



Note: These are NOT my MP3s! Please go to An Extension of Gaea to download great high quality MP3s from all the Escaflowne Original Soundtracks. It's a great site, please visit it! By the way, you must have WinAmp to play these MP3s, click here to download WinAmp.

I truly enjoy MP3s, especially Escaflowne MP3s. Here are songs from the Escaflowne soundtracks that reminds me of Allen. I added a rating system too. 1 is the worst, while 5 means "You have to download this song or otherwise you'll be sorry".

Please go ahead and download them, and may the memories and any remembrances of Allen Crusade Schezar come to you.

Escaflowne-Over the Sky

Dance of Curse

This is one of my favorite songs of all the Escaflowne songs. This is a REMARKABLE battle song that was played when Allen and Van fought, and in other several battles. I recommend downloading this MP3, it'll blow you away. In other words, you MUST download "Dance of Curse"!

Rating: 5


"Angel" is one of the best Van/Hitomi songs. This song really angelic and sugary sweet. The chorus singers are young boys, and they really reminds me of the DragonSlayers of the Zaibach Empire. This song makes think of Allen in heaven. :)

Rating: 4 1/2


I really enjoy "Romance". This song is terribly LOVE-ly! It's about Hitomi's misconception/misunderstanding of love (Amano, Allen, Van). This is another MP3 that reminds me of Allen very much! The woodwinds play wonderfully, the orchestra gives us the feel of adventure and emotion, and piano mimics Hitomi's heart. I can think of only one thing when I listen to this- Allen Schezar. Please download this song, and experience it!

Rating: 5


This is one of my favorite songs out of all of the Escaflowne soundtracks. "Gloria" features chant, brass, and a lot of orchesta. This song is rather long (around 6 minutes), but it's incredibly phenomenal! It reminds me of Allen's past in the beginning, and in the middle it's sounds "normal" (Allen's present), and near the end it's very heroic (Allen's future).

Rating: 5+


This is not one of those songs that reminds me of Allen too much, but "Eyes" kind of sad. The orchestra is amazing in this, and ever so romantic. This is a Hitomi/Van song, but it's way cool (and you can imagine Allen's family being together in heaven)!

Rating: 4+

Deja Blue

The music box version of "Yakusoku-wa-Iranai" played only a few times during the whole series. It's very short, but this will entertain you music box lovers. ^_~

Rating: 2


Yet another Van/Hitomi song (I like Hitomi and Van as a couple of course, and "their" music is extremely romantic and dreamy). But when you listen to this, it makes you think of Angels. The chorus singers are young boys, but their singing is kind of high, but it makes you feel like you're in Heaven (with Allen hehehe).

Rating: 5

Escaflowne OST 2

Ask the Owl

This song was first played when Van and Allen first fought at Fort Costello, Asturia. This song sounds very Arabic, and it's quite loud. Very nice moving song.

Rating: 2+

Cradle Song

This song was played when Allen was telling Hitomi about his mom and his lost sister. This song is very nice, but it's also short (and it repeats). Anyhow, it's sad when you listen to it and think of Allen's sad past. The "Cradle Song" is very "Allenish"! Download it!

Rating: 3

Hitomi Theme

Another cute song! Yay! This song is not too afflicted to Allen, but it's a romantic/sugary Escaflowne MP3 it reminds me of him somehow. However, the cello and orchestra sounds a bit odd (a wee bit out of tune). I think it's still a nifty song. I love those "tinkling" sound affects in the beginning.

Rating: 4-

Escaflowne OST 3

Note: aka my favorite Escaflowne CD


Of all the songs, this is my favorite! It's extremely sad and beautiful in every way, and this makes me think of Allen the most. This song was played during the departure of Hitomi's grandmother (during her conversation with Allen's father). When I listen to this song I get depressed. I'm so serious, I cry everytime I listen to this sorrowful MP3- thinking if I'd ever see Allen Schezar again, hear his voice, his smile, his long blond flowing hair, everything! I'm forcing you to download this! I recommend this song more than anyother song for you Allen Schezar fans!

Rating: 5++

Aoi Hitomi

This is probably the cutest song I've ever heard. Maaya Samamoto sings very superbly in this piece. This song is about Hitomi's "love" for Allen. Actually it was played after they had a little "fight". Anyways, I love this song! It's a great song to dream about Allen ^_^ .. oh and this song is sad too (with not a lot of background music for you vocal lovers.)

Rating: 4+

Perfect World

It's a great song, and I mean it too. This is certainly an Allen song- you hear this song when you see flashbacks of his father (and/or etc). "Perfect World" sounds bouncy, but it's slow and the music is gorgeous. Note: The singer does the voice of DRYDEN! I think that's very cool. And also he pronounces some words incorrectly, but it's funny... but heck he's good for a Japanese singer! I would download this if I were you.

Rating: 4-

I Recommend Instincts

The title of the song makes me think of the game "Primal Instincts" or something. But this is song is very very KAWAII! The singer's voice is kinda weird, but it has a KAWAII beat! This was played when Hitomi imagines Allen being on earth, and doing "earthy" things (until Millerna interrupts). Very Allenish!

Rating: 3

Hikari no Naka E

Right now I don't know what "Hikari no Naka E" means. It's also not afflicted with Allen, but of Amano-sempai. But hey, Amano and Allen are basically the same right? This so is BEYOND CUTENESS! Maaya sings for this song once again. I love this song, it's like my favorite Maaya-songed Escaflowne song. LOL!

Rating: 5


This is the orchestral version of "Yakasaku no Iranai" (aka the Opening Theme). I can not describe this song with words. DOWNLOAD IT!!!

Rating: 5+

Escaflowne: Lovers Only

Yakusoku-wa-Iranai (TV Edit)

Yakusoku-wa-Iranai means "I don't need Promises" in Japanese. It was song by Maaya Sakamoto, aka the voice of Hitomi. It's a such a cute song, but it gets annoying after a while (such as when you watch the Escaflowne VHS and they play it all the time before the beginning of a new episode. It gets REALLY annoying!). Nice song, great video (including Allen with his beautiful hair flowing with the wind in the beginning), cute voice for a 15 year old singer/seiyuu.

Rating: 4-

Bird Cage

"Bird Cage" is 90% orchestral. It's played when Hitomi was kidnapped (?). And/or how Allen wants to keep her in a 'bird cage' (not literally); he wants Hitomi and doesn't want her to leave, etc. We all know a wild bird is happier free right? But think of this, Allen LOST his parents, his sister and so forth. I think it's nice of him to not let Hitomi leave him. You know what I mean?

Rating: 3


"Chain" is very ghostly slow battle song. It was often known to be played during the Hitomi and Allen kissing scene. I LOVE that part! Yes yes I know they were controlled by Folken and Naria/Eriya but I love the way HE LOOKED! *DROOLS*

Rating: 4

Mystic Eyes (TV Edit)

Yeah this song doesn't really fit in with Escaflowne, but I must admit this song is pretty dam cool and funky (the beat is so cool too). Mystic Eyes has a few english words, so listen! Mystic Eye's video is so groovy, you see Van looking ultra cute and Allen and Hitomi kissing (I honestly like that part of the video).

Rating: 4

The Story of Escaflowne (End Title)

One of the best songs of all of the Escaflowne songs, actually it is probably *THE BEST* song of the entire Escaflowne soundtracks. Yes I do like "Farewell" as well, but who could resist the LAST song of Escaflowne? I get terribly depressed when I listen to this song, not that I get depressed a lot, but it makes me sad knowing Hitomi went back home, leaving unanswered questions... leaving it all to us (well until the 2nd Escaflowne series *sigh*.. I wish). When I listen to this song, I would lay on my bed and listen to "The Story of Escaflowne", think and wonder if they'll be a movie or a sequel to "The Vision of Escaflowne", and of course about Allen- what happened to him afterwards? Will he marry that annoying Millerna girl (of course not)? His future? I will never regret downloading this song, and I'm quite sure you wouldn't either...

Rating: 5++

All song were taken from An Extension of Gaea