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Allen Schezar Fan Art

Welcome to the Allen Fanart section! Here are some of my drawings of Allen Schezar. I rescanned them because my scanner is working now! These pics are rather large though, so you can save em and open the pics in a image viewer and decrease the size to make it look better. I also added comments underneath. The second one was from 8/28/00 :)

Go ahead and stick on your website, just make sure you give credit to me .

And also, I NEED SOME FAN ART! Come on, please send them to me! It's not that terribly hard to draw him, actually it doesn't take that long either! ^_-

Soccer's my favorite sport, and so I drew him in a Nike soccer uniform. The number "9" is the number for the best player on the team. It only took me only like 5 minutes to draw this one (during Biology in 7th grade), so it's not that detailed. Won't it be cool if he actually played soccer? Actually, I think his height would help in basketball. ^^ Btw, I lost this drawing. So I can't rescan it *duh*.

Wait. I lost this drawing? Thank goodness.

This is one of the cutest pics I drew of him. I was bored in Biology (again) and I decided to draw his face. I kinda copied it off from one of the pics from the Galleria. But look at his eyes! They're so CUTE!

Now you know why I never draw on line paper anymore. It's just a waste because you have those annoying blue lines to deal with. Maybe I'll erase the lines so it'll look better ^_^

I like this drawing, but I don't know what to do with him hair and face shape. This drawing is with him looking somewhere (probably at the Mystic Moon), and laying back on a tree... thinking.

You know, I never really liked this drawing. His posture is beyond normal.

*Laughs hysterically* In this drawing of mine, he looks high-class and stylish. Hehe, Armani Allen-San! Armani is a designer label, and his suits are SO FANTASTIC ! I didn't redraw it b/c I thought it looked okay as it is.

I guess this is okay...

A redrawn Angelic Allen. I redrew the eyes so it'll look adorable, and I redrew the wings also. I wanted this to be innocent looking so, I drew big "animish" eyes. It's kinda not fair that VAN has cool nifty wings, when Allen is stuck with a sword and long blond flowing hair (actually that's good too)! "I will fly up to the moon and back if you be, if you be my baby..."

Actually, this is a really *nice* drawing of Allen! He's so cute in this one!

This drawing took me about 3 hours to draw!! It's one of my favorites of all the ones I had drawn. He looks so "knightly" and cool here. *Sigh* If only i could draw the lower body too. ^-^ Eyes were redrawn to look more like Allen.


My FIRST drawing of Allen. This is the best of my drawings in my opinion, because it shows his Scherazade guymelef and Allen also. This piece of fine art took me 4 hours to draw. It was NOT easy drawing the Scherazade. I tried to make it really detailed and precised. Allen, however took me probably an hour to draw. It was my first time drawing Allen, and I wanted to make sure that he looks like Allen. I love this drawing!

Kickass picture Jade. Really. Would anyone believe that this is my *first* anime drawing?

Finally, Allen in a different suit. I didn't spend much time on this one like the last two. I like to see him wear more outfits in the future (in Escaflowne).

Dude, he looks possessed! I really don't like this picture now...

That's it for right now, I'll be adding several more in the future, hopefully.. If you want to redo/edit them and send it back to me, please do! As I said before, go ahead and takes the drawings, but give me credit. Thanks.