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Allen Crusade Schezar Winamp Skins

Thank you for visiting this little part of my website. I made all of these winamp skins by myself, so go ahead and download all you want. Remember I'm a beginner, so these aren't those really awesome winamp skins that you may find in MP3Now . I've also placed pics of the winamp skin, so you can decide which one you want to download.

Also, you might want to download Winamp . It's a great music player for PC. It can play MP3s, CD songs, MIDIs, WAVs, etc etc! If you don't have Winamp, I highly recommend you downloading it. When you downloaded it, come back here and check out the Escaflowne MP3s in the Media section.

Anyways, enjoy the skins! There will be more soon!

This is the first one I've made. He looks absolutely adorable on the skin. Download Allen-San Amp here

Download Allen-Freid Amp here

Download Allen Trio Amp here

Download Allen with the Wind here

Download the insanely cute Allen-Eyes Amp here

You may download all of the skins here