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9-20-99- NEW Yes, I am back after months and weeks of procrastinating. I was gone the entire summer so I couldn't update it as often. But I also kind of lost some of my interest in Allen, but I rewatched Escaflowne. :) I now have two new partners that will help me continue making this website the best Allen site there will ever be! Oh, and I added this Update page. :)

6-18-99 Hey! I'm back! I've been so busy studying for finals and school that I didn't have time to update ASO for almost a month! Why didn't ANYONE tell me that the Galleria doesn't work? (Thanks Mary) I think I deleted it a while ago by naming it the links section. Oh well, I WILL be adding more pictures and fixing up the Galleria and also I will write in Allen's diary later on today. Thanks for your patience!

5-19-99- Yes people, I'm back! NEW updates this week! I added a link to the links section, and 2 very nice pictures of Allen. One of them you may really enjoy! Sorry about the diary, I don't have much time on the internet so I'll do that next week! Oh, and I don't think the mp3s are working because the server has been suspended for weeks, maybe months now. Sorry!!

5-14-99- My friend's account went down and so I can't update until I can actually get my own AOL. But I'm updating this at school so maybe I could continue working on this website after school! Sorry for the inconvenience!

4-25-99 (11:40pm) New section added! The Allen Schezar Fanfic Journal! *blinks* The button on the left is ugly, I thought it was blue. ><

4-25-99- Added 2 NICE pics of Allen to the Galleria!

4-25-99-(9:46pm) YAY! I'm BACK ! My friend allowed me to use her screen name at night so I can update this website! I have so much to do! There will be a fanfic written every other day. It'll be like a diary of Allen Schezar, that "Allen" writes in every other day. I have TONS, I mean, LOTS of pics to put up! Thank you for revisiting this site even though I was gone. I'll be changing the frames of this website so it'll be more organized too!

3-29-99- I'm so sorry for not updating, but I wouldn't be updating anymore until this account ends and so I can get America Online (which will be soon I hope). I appreciate all the guestbook signings, and everyone coming to this site. E-mail me at if you want to take over my website for a while. Thanks!

3-17-99- I rearrange some stuff in the Allen info section. I'll add some pics of his family members soon!

3-15-99- I added 4, that's right FOUR new pics to the Galleria. :)

3-12-99- IMPORTANTOkay people, I'm sorry to say I'm not going to update this page much anymore. My dad cancelled my AOL account, and my 'backup' internet service provide really STINKS. I can only use Netscape 2.0 and e-mail, that's it. I don't have java, shockwave, AIM, ICQ, IRC, etc. etc. My dial up network won't work, therefore I have to use their Dialer, and that doesn't let me do anything but this OLD CRAPPY netscape. Tripod page manager uses javascript, and my browser can't handle it. So, I will only update when I get the chance. I'm so sorry. I'll get AOL soon, hopefully. PLEASE PLEASE send ALL your e-mail to, if it's very important send it to Thanks everyone!

3-10-99- I added two commercial links to the Links section. And also I moved the Guestbook up so people *ahem* can sign it.

3-7-99-I added another small Allen pic to the Galleria, and some links to the Links Page. Rewrote stuff in the Fanclub and Comments Page. I NEED CONTRIBUTIONS! PLEASE! I'm desperate for any poetry, fanfics, fanart, pics that I don't have, etc etc! Send anything to me! Thanks!

2-28-99- No big updates, but I won two awards- Sephiroth Site of Excellence Award and the Bronze Ayanami Award! Thanks guys! And also I joined the Guys of Anime webring. =)

2/27/99- (6:48pm) I added a couple of new links to the Links page, including some links to some of my favorite long-haired bishounens. =)

2/27/99- I fixed up the broken links in the Media section, and also I added another Allen pic in the Galleria. Please note that that is my 2nd favorite picture of him, and don't steal it without asking me! Sign the guestbook too!

2/25/99- I finally rescanned my drawings of Allen in the Fanart Section. They are a bit big, so you might want to save them and open them up in an image viewer. And also, I completely redid the Media section- it is now easier to read and download the MP3s. There's some broken links, but I'll fix that up. And also, send me anything Allen! And sign the guestbook!

2/20/99- Great news! I added a new section to Allen Schezar Online, the Winamp Skin page! If you don't know what skins are, they are covers for a music player called Winamp. I'll be adding more to the Skins section soon. And btw, don't forget to sign the guestbook, join the Allen Schezar Fanclub, or/AND sign the Comments Page . I need people to write in the Comments page about any Allen opinion! PLEASE!

2/13/99-(10:22 pm) I went to one of my friend's website (click here), and I asked him if I could use his BEAUTIFUL flying dove GIF. He allowed me, and now there it (his name is Natal, after Allen's owl) is at your left flying endlessly.